DM of Privatization Affairs

The Deputy Ministry of Privatization Affairs is consists of one general directorate and eight directorates, grade 2, which are the following:

General Directorate of Privatization: The General Directorate of Privatization is consists of three directorates working within the framework of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL also operates in land leasing management affairs, selling and rental state land and properties, paving path for public participation with aim to grow national economy and private sector and increasing national revenue. Moreover, the general directorate with having the directorate of land leasing, directorate of public participation and the directorate of state land and property privatization, managing all the contracts of state owned land and properties.

Directorate of State and Public Land Bank: The plan of the State Land Bank approved in the tenth meeting of High Council on Water, Land and Environment by H.E President. Initially it was created in the framework of a Programme and later on elevated to the Directorate of State and Public Land Bank. However, the responsibilities of this directorate are; specifying, mapping, collecting information and registering state land and private properties under state use, paving path for better use of the state land and public properties under state use, attracting investment, creating job opportunities and livelihood, preventing usurpation of state land and public properties and effectively utilizing state and public properties.

Directorate of Contracts Implementation: The Directorate Contracts Implementation is one of the deputies of privatization of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL. However, the directorate has the responsibility in all the contracts of the ministry and private sector, such as public participation contract and private, mortgage, rent, income, implementation of commitments and supervise the obligations of both sides.

Directorate of Managing Urban Resettlement: The Directorate of Managing Urban Resettlement is responsible for marketing economic value for unplanned areas with having economic and commercial opportunities, utilizing that for attracting investment, increasing national revenues, repairing city view and managing urban resettlement.

Directorate of Handling Property Immunity Disputes: The Directorate of Handling Property Immunity Disputes is working under the Deputy Ministry of Privatization Affairs of the Ministry of Urban Development and Land – MUDL. The directorate aims to handle the affairs of grabbed properties, has the responsibility of paving path to give immunity to private properties and state land also restituting state land and properties from usurpers and providing ground for effective use of the land.

Directorate of Management and Distribution of Land: The Management and Distribution of Land is one  directorate of the Deputy Ministry of Privatization Affairs and is responsible for regulating and transferring state land to implement public projects to provide services to citizens.

Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing

6 months ago

We hold ourselves accountable to our God, the Muslim nation and our country, and we consider it our duty to work for urban development, economic and social development and environmental protection. We are committed and have begun our efforts to transform the Ministry of Urban Development and Land into a service and responsive ministry that will always work for the implementation of development and welfare projects and provide transparency, incentives and employment opportunities in this area.

Mr. Hamdullah Nomani