Residential and Carpet Waving Industrial Townships Project

The above mentioned project established in 2017 which are under implementation in Balkh, Kunduz, Nangarhar, and Kabul provinces.

The aims of this project are; growing and promoting carpet industry, creating job opportunities, Producing and improving the livelihood of returnees, attracting investment, strengthening of civil and national economics, and the creation of a work space and a stable market for the production and export of carpets. 

Through this project the design of Qaleen residential townships of Hairatan-Balkh, Qasim Abad Behsud- Nangarhar, Asqalan- Kunduz and Shakar Dara province of Kabul and the work of the residential, industrial, infrastructure and services areas are completed, however, the first phase of the buildings structure which includes; drilling well for testing, soil testing and building roads have started.

The total cost of these projects is more than 121 million dollars, however, from the total cost up to now 30 million USD has been promised by the Ministry of Finance.

It’s supposed that in near future the design of 5 new residential and industrial towns in Botkhak-Kabul, Andkhoi-Faryab, Aqacha-Jawzjan, Shekh Mesri- Nangarhar and the new town in Bamyan will soon start.

Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing

7 months ago

We hold ourselves accountable to our God, the Muslim nation and our country, and we consider it our duty to work for urban development, economic and social development and environmental protection. We are committed and have begun our efforts to transform the Ministry of Urban Development and Land into a service and responsive ministry that will always work for the implementation of development and welfare projects and provide transparency, incentives and employment opportunities in this area.

Mr. Hamdullah Nomani