A meeting of the Technical Committee was held to resolve the problems of the documents

Sat, Apr 16 2022 1:45 PM


The meeting of the Technical Committee chaired by Rumi Hamdollah Nomani, Acting Minister of Urban Development and Lands, was held with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration, the number of heads, engineers and employees in the conferences of this ministry. In this meeting, a detailed report on administrative and legal problems of some documents of apartments distributed in various projects of the Ministry, completed files ready to distribute deeds by the authorities in order to seek appropriate solutions and discussions on administrative and technical problems. Necessary was done. After that, the officials were each guided by the Taliban leadership to solve their problems. A detailed report on the project of 400 housing units for the People's Republic of China was also presented and a discussion was held on how to start this project. Finally, Mr. Hamdollah Nomani, while expressing gratitude for the efforts of his colleagues in the direction of the assigned affairs, asked them to officially propose the opportunities, challenges, solutions and theories of the attendees to the Minister. He also pointed out that major legal and administrative problems of all projects should be prepared separately and in detail in the next meetings and presented in the presence of representatives of the relevant departments in order to find a solution.

Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing

7 months ago

We hold ourselves accountable to our God, the Muslim nation and our country, and we consider it our duty to work for urban development, economic and social development and environmental protection. We are committed and have begun our efforts to transform the Ministry of Urban Development and Land into a service and responsive ministry that will always work for the implementation of development and welfare projects and provide transparency, incentives and employment opportunities in this area.

Mr. Hamdullah Nomani

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Wed, Apr 20 2022 12:22 PM
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Prevent parallel usurpation of 350 acres of land in Logar province


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