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About Minister

H.E Engineer Roshan Wolusmal Acting Minister of MUDH

Mr. Wolusmal the acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing was born into an extremely educated family in Kandahar in the Southern part of Afghanistan. The acting minister of MUDH completed his secondary school at Al-Beroni high school in Kandahar and then in 2000 he started studying engineering at Kandahar University, and in 2006 he graduated with a bachelor of engineering from the same University. In 2009 Mr. Wolusmal went to Germany for further education and he started studying masters of governance and public policy at Universitat Erfurt with an specialization in international affairs and strategic and development  through DAAD scholarship .

Mr. Wolusmal is a PhD candidate at Politecnico di Millano, Millan University in Italy and the focus of his research is on architecture, built environment and construction engineering.

In addition H.E also received professional trainings in communication, engineering and policy development, strategy and leadership.

International conferences and trainings

Mr.Woslumal has represented Afghanistan in several international conferences including: New Cities Summit (plenary speaker) in Incheon, South Korea, Local Governance and Municipal development Study Tour in Istanbul and Ankara-Turkey, International Conference on science-Technology and Public Policy (speaker and panelist in Chennai-India, Urban Thinkers Campaign-future of Places International Conference (presenter and Panelist) in Stockholm Sweden.

Furthermore, H.E also participated at 1st UAE Project Management conference and Exhibition-Mastering Project Management in Mega Projects as a (presenter and speaker), Managing Fragility-Good Governance in Transition Contexts on the topic of Afghanistan after 2014 from resolute support to sustainable development (speaker ) at Erfurt University, United Nations World Premier Conference on Cities (presenter and panelist) in Medellin-Colombia, Star Leadership Program by chemonics International INC (one year special leadership training), Introduction to Peace Operations- the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) in Geneva-Switzerland, Science for Peace and Security-NATO Conference in Brussels-Belgium.

Professional Memberships

H.E is professional members of several prestigious Organizations such as: international society of Cities and Regional Planners (ISCOARP), Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), International City-Country Management Association (ICMA), Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE), and American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE).


In addition to two national languages (Pashto &Dari) H.E is also fluent in German and English

Professional Experience

H.E has worked for sever government and non-governmental Organizations and agencies. Mr.Wolusmal has worked as a mayor of Kandahar Municipality, acting chancellor and vice chancellor of Academic and student affairs at Afghanistan National Agriculture Sciences and Technology , Senior Municipal Coordination Advisor at German International Cooperation (GIZ) Kandahar Municipality, Senior Municipal Program Coordinator at USAID Afghanistan-Chemonics International Regional Afghan Municipal program for Urban Population and Senior Program manager for Governance and Development Support Program funded by Canadian International Development Agency and the United Nations Human Settlements Program.

Additionally, H.E served as a Dean and Associate Professor of Engineering at Kandahar University, Regional Development and Coordination Affairs Officer of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kandahar.

Currently Mr. Wolusmal is working as acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing.