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Reconstructing and Restoring of Historical Sites & Mosques

Introduction of reconstructing and restoring of Historical Sites & Mosques, Formation chart, duty responsibilities, activities, Achievements and future plan.

Historical monuments of each country are considered as a historical, cultural and civil history of a country. These monuments and works of art will in fact reflect the cultural and artistic texture of past generations with future generations. Historic monuments can be inspirational for the authentic identity of life in cities and countries. Also, the reconstruction of historic sites is different from other construction work, and the process of studying and documentation is necessary to maintain legitimacy of the Sites and the importance of its reconstruction.   Historical sites project in Afghanistan started in (1396/7/01) in accordance with commandment of Ashraf Ghani, president of the country. Historical Sites’  project as other projects is included:  four phases: 1- Basic Research and area preparation 2- preparation of technical Maps 3- accomplishment 4- Submission of the project.

Organizational Chart:

Duty responsibilities:

1- Survey and research of Historical sites

2- Pathology of Historical Site

3- Scheme and designing of Maps and Technical documents of Historical sites projects

4- Preparation of technical specification

5- Arranging Bills of Quantity

6- Monitoring and evaluation of under process project.

                   Activities and under process project of 1396 - 1397


                                     Projects Which Are concluded 1397 Action Plan                                                                                                                                     




Date of Sending to National Procurement Department                     


Parwan Province Mosque

Step 1



Rawza – Mazar Sharif



Imam Zada Yahya Shrine



Sardar Mohammad Daood Khan Graveyard



 Qasri Bagh- e -Bala

Step 2



Shah Do Shamshirah



Amanullah Khan cemetery




Herat Jami Masjid

1397/3/09 sent basic technical documents to National Procurement Department