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Acting Minister of UDH meet with the Mayor of Khost.

Jul 17, 10:30 AM

Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing meet with the Mayor of Khost

Roshan Wolusmal, Acting Minister of MUDH, met with Mr. Abdul Ahmadzai, the mayor of Khost, Mr. Rahim Shah Deputy Supreme Advisory Council of Khost, and members of the council on Sunday afternoon at his office.

During the meeting, however, development of cities and posts in the Khost Province were discussed, mayor of Khost Province, congratulated Mr. Roshan Wolusmal’s appointment as acting minister of MUDH.

Mr. Wolusmal expressed his gratitude to the mayor and the elders of Khost, calling this province one of the key economic and social spheres of the province and emphasizing the importance of its development.

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