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Acting Minister of UDH and Housing Board Meeting with the Heads and Employees.

Jul 16, 01:48 PM

Acting Ministry of Urban Development and Housing Board Meeting with the Heads and Employees

Roshan Wolusmal, Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing attended a meeting with deputy ministers, directors, and employees of the ministry along with greetings and congratulations of Eid, but also for the purpose of mutual understanding.

At the beginning of the meeting, the members introduced themselves, the Acting Minister of Urban Development and Housing spoke his past works, educations, and explained his goals and priorities in this post.

Mr.Wolusmal holds a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the University of Kandahar, a Master Degree from Germany, and he is currently studying his PHD at the University of Milan.

He is the Ambassador of the Parliament of the World’s Mayors in Afghanistan, and has been working on high academic and professional posts. He recently served as a mayor of Kandahar province.

Acting Minister said his priorities in the ministry are to eliminate discrimination, and to support transparency of gender equality.

He emphasized that the department would not tolerate any racial, ethnic, religious discrimination, corruption, and gender-based violence, and will be subject to severe legal punishments.

The new ministers of the MUDH, each have spoken out from their commitments to advance the affairs of the ministry, and the spokesperson of the MUDH has urged Mr.Wolusmal and new deputies to maintain the atmosphere of the ministry as humanitarian, professional. Committed, and to endeavor in development of it.

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