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A brief history of MUDH

Having an appropriate place of residence with the specific rules of constitutions, custom laws, varies international organizations and civil society without any controversy, the custom of human rights is adequate, and has presented a global wise standard that contains all requisite features. The rights of having a place for the residency has officially registered and recognized in various countries, and the governments have been assigned to arrange appropriate residential places to their citizens.

In the past, activities regarding the residency has been held for the Urban in Afghanistan, Urban development general directorate which was established in the 1340 solar year, by the Ministry of Public Works, all Urban and building plans have been developed and implemented by this directorate.

Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, Khoshal Khan, Khayer Khana and Said Noor Mohammad Shahs’ housing projects are calculated in the management of this directorate.

In the 1346 solar year, urban and Housing general directorate was promoted to the Urban and Housing presidency, alongside Kabul has got the accountability of other provinces, concerning planning and implementation.

In the 1355 solar year, the name of this governmental institution has changed to Urban and Housing presidency.

Laying the foundation of Bibi Mehro, current department of MUDH and construction of two blocks are the accomplishments of this state.

In the 1357 solar year, he continued his work as an "administrative and Construction Projects, named Institute of (Shtpa) as a non-profit enterprise, the read made of Housing project in Kabul-Parwan is one of its work sample.

In the 1363 solar year, was named “Project Building Central Institute” (Pama).

In the 1368 solar year, was named “Urban Development Central Office” and in the 1371 solar year, was named MUDH. But during the Taliban regime the MUDH has demoted to Pama general presidency under the frame of MPW.

In the 1380 solar year, the short term of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan changed its name to the MUDH to improve urban affairs, and to resolve urban problems.

In the 1385 solar year, according to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s institution it  was recalled as the Urban Development Ministry, and was nominated the Urban Affairs Ministry in the 1389 solar year, not only developing policies for urban development. But running the implementation and research process as well.

On the same hand, according to the first chapter of the first chapter for the execution and implementation of the activities of the Ministry of Urbanization, the Council of Ministers, Date: 19/4/2013; Hamid Karzai's approval of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, urban affairs The Ministry of Development follows the following objectives.

Due to this institution, MUDH all activities of managing and implementation was formed according to 1st Chapter 1st Article, approved by the Ministers’ Council and conformed through the Excellency president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. MUDA follows coming objectives:

1-      Generating an urban system in all areas.

2-      Based on the balanced and sustainable development principles, building of urbanized developed Cities.

3-      Shelter less resolution through designing and planning policies for Housing.

4-       Through designing and planning policies, providing citizen access to the institutional urbanized services.

                                                                   Information and public relations’ directorate