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Engineering Services Directorate

troduction of the Department of Engineering Services (Maintenances), Organizational Chart, Task Requirements, Activities, and future Outcomes and Plans:

The Department of Engineering Services has been a technical and professional department specializing in different engineering branches in the field of construction which have been in operation for many years. This department was named by general Maintenance till 1340, and since 1340 to 1345 it has been named the Department of Maintenances under the Ministry of Public Works. , In 1357, the Department of Maintenances and Urban Development of the commercial enterprise Shtpa (Urban and Maintenance Construction’s Project Institute) had arisen.

In 1363, generation of Pama (Central Institute of Project Development) the Maintenance department has been operating in 3 parts: 1- Maintenance General Department of Industrial, Agricultural and residence Services, 2- Maintenance General Department of Health and Education, 3- General Head of Maintenance department.

Maintenance Engineering Network Section, the Engineering Network Head includes (Water supply and Sewerage, Power grid, Ventilation and Cooling network) which was in the formation of the Pama Directorate, was mutually operating for all three sections, All the activities of these 5 sections were led by the head architect and head engineer of PMA.

1367 - 1371, Maintenance department worked in the structure of the Central Office of Urban Development.

1371 - 1380, when the Ministry of Urban Development was established, at that time, the General Directorate of PMA was a profit-making enterprise and the Directorate of Maintenances was in the framework general directorate of PMA, and since 1381 – present, department of Maintenance has been added to the Ministry of Urban Development Structure.

Organizational Chart

Duty responsibilities:

1-      Scheming and designing various Maintenances administration, health, educational, religious, and cultural and other projects.

2-      Designing the structure of Maintenance.

3-      Design of Power grid.

4-      Inadequate power grid design.

5-      Designing a Water supply and Sewerage network.

6-      Designing a ventilation and cooling network.

7-      Arrangement of Architect drawings, Engineering, Energy, Water supply in Landskap, in the above mentioned Maintenances.

8-      Arrangement of engineering drawings, engineering, and specification of the surrounding wall for the aforementioned Maintenances.

9-      Order the list of specifications and the scope of the work for the above mentioned projects.

10-   More detailed information on the work schedule without the above mentioned projects cost.

11-   Visit the Maintenances and technical comments on the Maintenances (engineering, technical and sometimes engineering networks) about the mentioned Maintenances.

12-   Preparation of the list of the specification and the scope of the work of the repair projects.

13-   Preparation of the final estimation of the projects after the completion of the building process.

14-   Rating of the government assets as requested by government departments.

15-   Participation in the Offers.

16-   Other technical tasks submitted to the Maintenance department by the competent authorities.