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Internal Audit Directorate

Introduction of Internal inspection Directorate, Formation, Task Responsibilities, Activities, Achievements and Future Plans

The Internal Audit Office was established in 1341 in order to better coordinate and control the auditing of the first and second units of the MUDH and is operating under the direct supervision of the MUDH’s minister.           

Major goals of Audit Directorate:  

1-      Countering Administrative Corruption

2-      Considering the deficiencies of the central and provincial departments of the Ministry.

3-      Presenting of proper schemes in accordance with regulations.

4-      Presenting guidance and reformative ideas in regard of errors, deficiencies and revealed gaps to related departments of the Ministry.

5-      Generating Coordination between Supreme Audit Office and MUDH.

        Formatoin Chart


Duty Responsibilities:

1-      Inspecting Financial and technical activities of Central and provincial offices of the Ministry.

2-      Protecting Public Properties, moveable & immoveable assets.

3-      Transparent accountability.

4-      Assorting basic reports of cases.

5-      Identification of suspected and sending their Cases to Courts and Justice Departments.

6-      Coordination with Supreme Audit Office, Attorney General Office and Judicial and Judgment Offices.

7-      Accommodating contracts of AGO and the high office of Anti-Corruption.

8-      Sending Cases to Justice and Court and other extraordinary Issues.

 1396, Activities and Achievements:

In its fiscal year 1396, the Internal Audit Office has been able to investigate the number of cases involving the various departments of the Attorney General's Office, the High Office for Anti-Corruption, National Security, and the MUDH Affairs, which numbered 46 cases after Inspection and issuance of the MUDH secretariat department. The results have been copied by the Internal Audit analysis department to the relevant authorities, and has been limited to two cases under the period and has not been finalized.

 Besides, in the fiscal year 1396, the financial and administrative activities of (28) central and provincial Office Units of ministry was inspected by Directorate’s Auditors, which the results after issuing the direction of MUDH’s minister distributed to related offices.

In first and second quarter of 1397 fiscal year, (24) planned and Particular cases have been inspected by Auditors of this directorate which (15) are intentionally and (9) are Particular.

(7)   after the issuance of the authority by the Ministry of MUDH, the results of the review have been reproduced and submitted to the relevant authorities, and the rest of the cases are in the course of time.

Future Plans:

Inspection of the first and second units of the MUDH in the center and provinces continues in accordance with the plan of the MUDH honorable Minister.

1-      Regular survey

2-      Last survey

3-      Latest survey

4-      Extraordinary survey