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Media Directorate

Introduction of Information and public relations directorate, Organizational chart, assignment responsibilities, achievements and future plans

After the re-foundation of MUDH in 1380, all media related affairs has been running through the secretariat.

In the loop of the secretariat of MUDH, the directorate of publication was conducting all related media activities, regarding the accomplishments and achievements of the MUDH.

In 1390 the information and public communication directorate has been added to the structure of MUHD, information and public communication directorate is one of the key directorate which maintains the Civilian’s relation with the Ministry.

This directorate has been broadcasting and publishing all the achievements of the MUDH through webpage, social media and various audio and visual media.

At present, the Information and Public Relations directorate has 15 official and 10 contractor employees, almost all the staff hold master and bachelor degrees of education and very accurately conducting the assigned tasks in accordance with TOR.

Organizational Chart

Gen. Task’s responsibilities:

1-      The task is being conducted according to the guidance, for reaching the basic fundamental achievements of the MUDH.

2-      For approval, the arrangements of plans and reports for line departments of related directorates.

3-      Evaluation of the public affair’s services for the implementation of MUDH’s programs.

4-      Monitoring and evaluation of line department of the directorate.

5-      Conducting meeting organization, press conferences, and other awareness-raising campaigns of the MUDH and re-disseminating through Mass Media (print, audio, graphic and electronic).

6-      Designing specific informational policies based on the government policy and the leadership of the MUDH, for awareness and steering the quality publications.

7-      Scheme and design of Strategic Informational Plans, Operational, Financial and Annual Activities Plans, and their Proposals to solve Problems in Related line departments.

8-      Responsibility for monitoring the accuracy of the edited content and attaining the approval of the leadership.

9-      Monitoring the implementation of the strategy of MUDH, informational strategy of line departments for Information, publication and public affairs of the relevant Directorate.

10-   Design, commands and disseminate advertising methods about the work plans of the MUDH and their dissemination of mass media in the country.

11-   Perform all duties in accordance with the law.

Activities and major achievements of 1397

1-      publication section:

1-      Providing a report on the achievements, activities and progress of the construction projects of the MUDH.

2-      The attendance of researchers in the news and reporting section, and the provision of scientific and research materials.

3-      The publication of the City Development Magazine with new and emerging scientific and specialist materials containing the images and achievements of the Ministry.

4-      Publication of Book and monthly magazine considered the achievements of the MUDH and the leadership of the Ministry.

5-      Codification of new content for the Web site and the Facebook of the Ministry.

6-      Annual calendar printing, contains images and achievements of the Ministry.

7-      Issuing research Publication regarding the Urban Development and residential – Engineering.

8-      Branding for the Ministry that includes all administrative documents (letter, offer, inquiry, identity cards, visit cards, exchanging color for contracts and agreements’ cover ) and printable items (magazine, calendars, brochures, banners, posters, letters of honor And invitation cards.

9-      Video of various programs of the MUDH.

10-  Codifying photographical programs for the website of the Ministry and for disseminating it through National Television

11-  Archiving published and raw materials of video programs.

12-  Taking photos of various programs of the MUDH.

13-  Archiving photos of various programs of MUDH.

14-  Creation of a database for the collection of activities of all departments, enterprises, projects and provincial offices of the Ministry.

15-  Setting up all meetings, press conferences and other inauguration plans of the MUDH.

16-  Preparation of a Strategic Plan for the Directorate for Public Information and Communications.

17-  Supplement the contents of the website in Pashto and English.

2-      Communication section:

1-      Create a new site for the MUDH.

2-      Establishment of the Official Website of the Facebook for the MUDH.

3-      Create tweeter accounts and publish short reports of meetings, meetings, inaugurations, seminars and conferences.

4-      Constant updating of the Ministry's social pages and website with materials about buildings and cities.

5-      Active presence of the Director of Information and Public Communication and the spokesman of the Ministry in audiovisual media.

6-      Outreaching detailed information about the achievements and activities of the MUDH to the public.

7-      Interviews with visual, audio and print media on progress in the projects made by the MUDH.

8-      Design, commands and disseminate advertising methods about the work plans of the MUDH and their dissemination of mass media in the country.

9-      Posting job’s advertisements in the ministry's showcase.

10-   Establishment of a system for cracking complaints and reopen the complaints file and access to it.

11-   Communications and coordination with the Ministry's internal departments.

12-   Communications and coordination with external units of the Ministry.

13-   Daily delivery, governmental and Non-governmental Newspapers to the Office of the Honorable Ministry and DMs.

3-      Technical Archive Section:

1-      Generate a regular database of urban maps.

2-      Review of the detailed plans, towns’ maps and constructional buildings maps.

3-      Print, scan and save both soft and hard copies of the maps.

4-      Library Section:

1-      Collection of scientific books, official journals, official magazines and official monthly publication of various government agencies.

2-      Generate a regular database for Books.

3-      Archiving and maintaining books in a regular system.

5-      Future Plans:

1-      Implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Presidency.

2-      Development of the electronic database.

3-      Precise and fast electronic notification.

4-      Digitizing the technical Archive.

5-      Generate a digital library.

6-      Finding the right place for the library.

7-      Launching training programs for peoples’ awareness



Information and Public Communication Directorate 2nd Quarter of 1397 fiscal year report.

The Directorate of Information and Communications has conducted the following activities in the 2nd quarter of fiscal year.

1-      Preparation of (23) Reports of meetings, MUDH Minister and DMs internal and external journey in Dari, Pashto and English languages and publishing it on the website and social networks of the Ministry.

2-      Preparation and publication of 5 reports on the progress of work and activities of the Ministry's construction projects in Dari, Pashto and English.

3-      Preparation of the report for the MUDH’s Minister meeting with Ambassadors of the following countries: Qatar, Australia, China, Turkey, World Bank, India, UNESCO in Dari, Pashto and English, and its website on the website and the Ministry's social pages.

4-      Provision of new content for the magazine, book, calendar, website and Facebook.

5-      Design, Magazine, honor certificates, Invitation cards, Banners and posters for the Ministry regarding outreach.

6-      Compilation of video programs for the website of Ministry and propagate it in the RTA.

7-      Photos and videos editing of the activities of the Ministry for the publication on the website and social networks of the Ministry.

8-      Talks with video, audio and print media such as: Khorshaid  TV, Tolo News TV, BBC Radio, Afghan Women's Radio, and the 8-Subh newspaper on the progress made by the Ministry of Building Construction projects.

9-      Collection of activities and task achievements from the head Office of Enterprise, central departments, independent departments and construction projects, and it’s publication in the Ministry's website.

10-   Establishing conferences to inspire external and internal investors in urban development, launching a press conference to improve the work of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.

11-   Investigate the Complaints box about the comments and criticisms of the Ministry's staff.

12-   Printing and renovation of more than 75 detailed plans, town maps and building maintenance scheme required by public and private institutions.

13-   Numerous governmental organs of scientific books, official journals, official magazines and official monthly publications have been collected and recorded in the Library of the Ministry's database.

14-   Constant updating of the content of the social pages and website of the Ministry.

15-   Provide a positive response to the people's comments on the Ministry's social pages.