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Construction Affairs Deputy


Biography of Deputy Minister of Construction Affairs of MUDH

Mr. Engineer Said Nasim Khaliq

Engineer Said Nasim Khaliq Son of Said Mahmood Khaliq born in 1988 in a religious and elite family of Herat province. Mr. Khaliq finished up is year 12 at Istiqlal High School and started his graduate school at Kabul Polytechnic University where he studied civil engineering with distinction and outstanding academic achievements and was recognized a pioneering student.

Mr. Khaliq worked as an instructor several years teaching software programs for engineering and advanced mathematics at private institutes, and he has a huge interest in sport, particularly in Handball game and was member of Afghanistan National Handball Team.

Professional Experience:

Mr.Khaliq kicked of his career after graduating from University as a civil site engineer at Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, and later on he was in-charge of monitoring and implemention of MRRD Central Zone programs in Kabul, projects that were supported by UNDP and MRRD. Mr. Khaliq also has experience of working for one year with NATO Resolute Support in Afghanistan (CSTC-A) as a technical expert and lecturer at of faculity of civil engineering in several private Universities in Afghanistan. In 2016 the current Deputy Minister has joined MUDH and started working a directorate of Monitoring and Supervision. During his tenure a directorate f supervision and monitoring, he was able to create monitoring and quality control systems and tools for construction projects in Afghanistan. Mr. Khaliq was appointed as Deputy of Construction Affairs at Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH).


·         Designing and presenting supervision and monitoring Plan of the infrastructure projects for the Council of Ministers

·         Designing and presenting of an anti-standard construction of buildings to the Council of Ministers and economic committee

·         Creating Technical M&E norms for Apartment buildings of private and government sectors for the Ministers’ council economy committee.

·          Creating plan and M&E implementation system in MUDH

·         Preparing MoU between MUDH, Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Mine for using Afghan made products in construction projects

·         Preparing and presenting instructions and guidelines

·         Present and utilizing the plans based on PUMA’s structure of MUDH, Repairing and reconstruction of Herat Historic Mosque, Presenting reports and MUDH Reforming Plans to the Presidential Office 

Awards and recognition

·         Received high ranking award by H.E the president

·         Received 3rd grade appreciation award from Independent Commission of Administrative Reforms and Civil Service 

·         Achieved 3rd grade appreciation award from MUDH

·         Achieved 3rd grade appreciation award from MoE

·         Certificate of IDS for infrastructure training by US Army Corps of Engineering

·         Certificate of IDS for QC/QA training by US Army Corps of Engineering

·         Certificate for QC/QA training by UNDP/NABDP

·         Certificate for Interior Design by Slovak Aid