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Housing Program

Since the Ministry of Urban Development and Hosing is committed to providing adequate housing for the citizens of Afghanistan, and has done a lot of work from the past to provide suitable housing for citizens. In view of these requirements and of Article 14 of the Constitution, it is our duty to provide affordable housing (providing reasonable shelter for long-term installments for low-income families). The chronic deprivation of Afghan citizens requires that national housing policy, shelter and its construction program be tailored to the likelihoods and capabilities of the government and the National Development Strategy.

Provision of affordable and affordable housing for citizens:

The Ministry of Urban development and Housing, with its vision (having affordable housing and economic strength of cities) and missions, establishing coordination between the urban sectors and developing comprehensive policies to improve the condition of cities and access reasonable, follow their duties. The challenge of housing shortages in Afghanistan has become a serious issue, due to various factors, including civil wars, emigration, returns, population growth and urbanization. According to the current ministry's report, over the last 15 years, the urban population has risen from 10% to over 30% and presently at least requires two million homes in the country. In the same tone, the leadership of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has been working to generate an organized and sustainable system for housing to eliminate this problem, so that all segments of society at different economic levels can benefit from standard Housing. Between the great plans for Housing, one can mention the following:

Comprehensive Housing plan

A comprehensive housing plan that inspects the various features of the Housing crisis in Afghanistan today, and is recommended for any appropriate solution. This is a professional and comprehensive effort on the basis of scientific and regional studies, aimed at providing sustainable solutions to the problem of Housing. The first and most motivated effort of the Afghan government to organize and bring together urban sector officials to create affordable Housing for Afghans. The validity period of this project is five years.

Prioritizing cities for housing development:

Well-adjusted Housing development and impartial distribution of Housing regarding the needs of people and regional developmental factors.

A standardized design of the residential towns for returnees, displaced communities and teachers' Housing.

Guidelines for designing reasonable Housing:

Upholding the process of a reasonable designing for Housing at the country level, providing justice, sustainable development in the Housing sector and familiarizing the country's experts with reasonable Housing concepts.

The refinement procedure for the registration of private construction companies.

The software calculates building price estimations:

This system gains all the prices of all volumes with ease and accuracy by the help of a labor bill and calculates the final price of the project with high precision.

Database of Mines and Local Constructions’ Materials

Creating a database of building systems

A data base consisting of 60 construction systems that can lead to more stable, durable, and at the same time more affordable settlements.

Achievements in the field of housing:

  •          8 blocks of Khoshal Khan town with 320 residential units has been completed and handed over to the beneficiaries.
  •          Completion and utilization of the first phase of Khwaja Rawash settlement include 77 blocks of residential units 2015
  •          Completion of the construction of 3330 UAE settlement project apartments that are now ready to be inaugurated.
  •          For the first time, the formation of reasonable Housing and inviting foreign investment in this regard, including the promise of the construction of 10,000 residential units from China, and thousand residential units donated by the State of Qatar.
  •         The contract for the upgrading of the factory of the pre-fabricated construction industry with the Turkish company (Wefa), which is now preparing the factory site and installing its machinery and scheduled to begin manufacturing of pre-fabricated parts with an initial value of 162,000 square meters over the next 8 months.
  •          Gaining the support of 450 million $ from India for Housing construction.
  •         Scheme and Design of 4,000 Residential Buildings for returnees at Qasem Abad area, Behsood Nangarhar.
  •          Outline and design for carpet weavers in Nangarhar, Kabul, Balkh and Kunduz provinces.
  •          Arrangement of Housing mortgage program in coordination with the Central Bank and the National Bank of Afghanistan.
  •         Steering the process of the Regulation of the Housing Fund.
  •          Designing of the National Housing Program.
  •          Housing policy arrangement.
  •          Establishing a permanent program for the returnees and displaced in partnership with the UNHCR.
  •          Confirming the policy of refinement of unplanned areas.
  •          Completion of plans and the opening of the construction of 1,400 residential units in the first phase of the project. 10,000 residential units supporting the country in the Kabul Nila Bagh area and completing the maps of residential units of Qatar.